List of Available Trees

In accordance with the MSD grant, BHA’s planting will focus on canopy trees.  Also called shade trees, canopy trees are typically large with thick canopies or foliage coverings.  Some well-known canopy trees include oaks, maples and birches. 

There are many available trees of varying heights and with different features, and selecting the right tree for the right place is important.  Email BHA here ( to make an appointment for a BHA volunteer to review available planting sites on your property and guide you through the selection process. 

To review tree options before meeting with a BHA volunteer check out the below tree information pdf's at the bottom of the page.

Tall Canopy Trees:
Bur Oak
Chestnut Oak
Chinkapin Oak
Northern Pecan
Pin Oak
Red Maple
Red Oak
River Birch
Scarlet Oak
White Oak
Willow Oak
Medium-Height Trees:
Black Gum
Eastern Red Cedar
Hop Hornbeam
Japanese Tree Lilac
Ornamental Trees:

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