We're Working on a New Neighborhood Plan

  • Posted on: 22 September 2019
  • By: EPeterson

These are the facts:
What:  Charting the future of Bonnycastle with a joint Cherokee Triangle/Bonnycastle Neighborhood Plan. This will update the Bonnycastle plan written in 2002 as part of Cornerstone 2020.
What is a neighborhood plan? Neighborhood plans are intended to offer guidance by providing a means for neighborhoods to identify, preserve and build on the positive qualities of their neighborhoods, and to set goals and priorities that will shape the future of their area in the years to come.
The current neighborhood plan can be found under the About BHA dropdown menu.
Why a new neighborhood plan now?  As we look at Plan 2040, it’s time to revise the Neighborhood Plan to focus on current issues such as the Bardstown Road Corridor, infill and large scale development, neighborhood mobility, housing and short-term rentals, and protecting our access to Cherokee Park.
Tell me more:  Bonnycastle Homestead Association is partnering with Cherokee Triangle on a joint plan.  The neighborhood plans involve demographic and environmental research, focus groups, land and transportation usage.  A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued in September to obtain a consultant to assist with the development of the plan.  The consultant will work in conjunction with Louisville Metro and the neighborhoods to conduct the meetings, research, and data collection to ensure that businesses, residents, and other groups (like churches) have a voice.
How much:  The plan is $60,000, some of which is paid for by Councilman Brandon Coan; we have to pay $10,000.
So why do I care?  The Bonnycastle Plan has provided guidance to the neighborhood in asset preservation, zoning issues, access to Cherokee Park, and Bardstown Road issues.   However, the current plan is now over 15 years old and it doesn’t address some issues that are emerging that affect us all.
What can I do? Come to an informational gathering Sunday, September 29 at 3:00 p.m. at the Hensons’ home (2335 Bonnycastle Ave).  Board members and a representative of Louisville Metro will be there to answer questions about the Neighborhood Plan. 
I want to help!  That’s great! Send checks to:
Bonnycastle Homestead Association
Neighborhood Plan
P.O. Box 5165
Louisville, KY 40205-0165

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